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Two Brothers; Three Powerful Letters. Over 50 years ago, a unique company arose as a result of an overwhelming passion for motorsports; That company is now known as Mercedes-Benz AMG. Two Men; Driven By Passion. Two men with a passion for motorsport and engineering founded AMG. Their names were Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher. They Saw an opportunity on every wide open road, an invitation in every curve, an affirmation in every victory: for more performance and more power. Today, this passion is infused into every DNA of every Mercedes-AMG. Just like its numerous Successes on racetracks around the world.       The Beginning. The first car professionally raced under the famous acronym was the AMG 300 SEL...

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The Legend; Porsche. Stuttgart; Ferdinand Porsche. The company was founded by Ferdinand Porsche, who was the chief engineer at Mercedes-Benz. He later incorporated his personal engineering plant, where he had developed numerous designs for the 'People's Car' or popularly known as the 'Volkswagen'. By 1931, Ferdinand incorporated a company under his own name: 'Porsche' The Ever-Gorgeous 911. For five decades, the Porsche 911 has been viewed as the most iconic sports car and has been the centerpiece of the Porsche brand. No other sports car in the world has ever been so well-received by automobile enthusiasts and no other sports car has ever won so many races.     1969: Expansion. Production passes the 14,000 mark. Porsche enlarges the Zuffenhausen factory with a...

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BMW Motorsport GmbH

BMW Motorsport History. " BMW M stands for philosophy, not dogmatically for a technology. Our products stand for precision and agility and thus have their own special M specific identity. " Success throughout the decades. Driving pleasure on the road and the racetrack: this joy of driving has been intrinsically associated with BMW for decades. Ever since the first victories back in the 1920s, BMW has set about creating a true success story in the world of racing. Iconic cars, victories in touring cars, GT and single-seater racing, and the magnificent return to the new DTM: BMW has always lived for motorsport. The foundations were laid in 1972 when BMW Motorsport GmbH was formed.   1972: a new chapter. In...

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